Strategic Enrollment Management: A View from the Top | Webinar

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Strategic Enrollment Management Webinar for Higher Education


Strategic Enrollment Management in Higher Ed: A View from the Top webinar.

Strategic enrollment management in Higher Ed continues to be an issue for many institutions. When building a new campus building, before laying the foundation begins, extensive planning is conducted to ensure that the building looks good, the structure is sound, and it will accomplish what it was envisioned to do.

Unfortunately, most higher ed institutions fail to do the same type of planning and execution for enrollment, which results in campaigns not realizing their expectations and leaving leadership scratching their heads as to why enrollment (and retention) continue to decrease.

Please join Jim Bouse, Associate Registrar and Director of Enrollment Management Technology for the University of Oregon, and Immediate Past President for AACRAO, for a dynamic seminar on how to grow enrollments in the “new normal” we find ourselves in.

In this webinar, participants will learn about Strategic Enrollment Management and how it can:

Differentiate your institution from your competition (and yes, there is competition in higher ed)

— Create a strong value proposition that prospective students will identify with

— Increase enrollment and retention of the right type of students for your institution.

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