Our Consulting Client Testimonials

"During our recent accreditation special visit, our institution received six commendations and one recommendation, that being “we recommend you keep doing what you’re doing. . . . Accordingly, we strongly recommend Dr. McNaughton’s services to any institution who is in need of accreditation, governance, strategic planning, or personnel management expertise."

John Stead - The Master's University and Seminary

“Without reservation, I give Dr. McNaughton’s services my highest recommendation. If I was starting an institution or making an initial accreditation application, Drumm would be my first call. His insight into the unique environment of “SAV1” (initial accreditation) and practical, proactive knowledge and advice were, in my view, invaluable to LIGS and would benefit any SAV1 effort….Dr. McNaughton’s style is direct."

"Although he is well-versed in the nuances of higher education and the accreditation environment, his approach is practical, focused and results-driven. He speaks his truth in an unvarnished, direct and candid manor that stimulates action and results.”

Todd Wieland - LIGS Accreditation

“Your knowledge and abilities as a consultant are unsurpassed. . . .You understand the requirements and intricacies of developing and implementing strategies and tactics for successful universities, including distance education and the accreditation process. Those so gifted with this knowledge are rare indeed. … You inspired us to become better.”

Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla - Capella University

“[You] draw upon [your] rich background to build high-level marketing plans, and I have been nothing short of amazed at [your] ability to understand, articulate and resolve high-stakes organizational issues.”

“Your final report contained both a thorough analysis of our concerns and solid recommendations for developing more coherence in our programs and instruction. Inspired by your positive attitude, we believe that we can implement your suggestions successfully and quickly."

“I am impressed with your skills and abilities, and look forward to further assistance from you in making the changes we have long needed.”

Richard Alonzo - LAUSD

“[You have] a deep and unique understanding of the key issues facing educational organizations today . . . [You] listen carefully to all sides, reflect, and then put forth unique solutions . . . With the demographics of the student populations changing, [you have been] instrumental in developing pedagogies for delivery of quality distance education . . . a natural leader and relationship builder who brings significant life and work experiences to consulting.”

Dr. Bernard Luskin - Fielding Graduate University

“Dr. McNaughton is a sought-after consultant to management in the areas of board governance, academic operations and accreditation, strategy and change, and organizational transformation and leadership….I served with Dr. McNaughton on the board at LIGS University, and in his role as Chair of the Nominations and Governance Committee, he has made a significant impact.

Upon coming on the board, he did a top to bottom review of all governance processes, and made several recommendations that have improved the board and how it governs the University….He has also become a valued advisor to me as board chair, helping me to both understand implications of board decisions on the future governance of the institution, as well as recommendations on how to better interact with University administration….

Dr. McNaughton brings significant life and work experiences to his consulting and board service. He brings professionalism, congeniality and collegiality to his relationships. He adds intellectual and emotional intelligence to his leadership activities. He is responsible and hard working.

I recommend Dr. Drumm McNaughton for appropriate board and consulting roles – he is a difference maker.”

Bill Reed, PhD - Board Chair - LIGS University

“You are a blessing to us. Thank you so much for expertise and encouragement. It was a game changer for us!”

TMUS Testimonial Letter

“[You] have the rare ability to stimulate an intensive examination of [your] client’s hopes and aspirations without inserting your own solutions. TCL’s guidance and encouragement throughout this process have been a major contribution to the quality of our Strategic Plan as well as implementation. I would strongly recommend any organization use them to guide their process. You truly know how to ’make visions take flight.’"

Ken Hugins - Hugins Associates

“A rare change leader of the 21st century and advisor who not only walks [the] talk but also delivers as promised. [Your] vast content areas brings diverse and insightful perspectives to [your] clients. [You] inspired me and my colleagues to think outside the box, invest our time, and deliver products that are second to none with passion and highest level of ethics and professionalism."

“ I want to thank you for building such a thorough assessment process for hiring our key executives...

Your assessment tool provided us a clear understanding of candidates' qualifications and their ability to function in a senior executive role such as Chief Operating Officer. We appreciate having the tool to help us make an informed choice.

I am impressed with your skills, abilities, and ethics, and would not hesitate to recommend you for organizations desiring to redesign their HR and hiring processes. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Damita Robinson

“Thanks for your great help as the facilitator for our CEO Roundtable. You have an excellent grasp of strategic management (planning and change), a broad understanding of marketing and sales, and a keen knowledge of organizations and human nature. Your coaching, leadership and guidance were much appreciated, and I would strongly recommend you to anyone for developing and implementing strategic management (both planning and change) programs, operations, or e-Business programs anywhere."

Bob Arthur - The Success Institute

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