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The Change Leader's Consulting Services for Higher Education Institutions

Our consulting services help college and university presidents, boards, and leadership teams thrive in their mission.

As president of a college or university, your job isn’t easy. If it were, you would not have sleepless nights, and your institution would not face the challenges it has. Most of these are not of your own making, but that doesn’t matter – you still have to solve them.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Change Leader’s Higher Education consulting services have helped institutions successfully overcome a diverse range of challenges that include:

  • Poor board leadership
  • Governance failures
  • Resistance to change
  • Low faculty engagement
  • Unexpected leadership transitions
  • Lack of leadership capacity
  • Building and implementing turnaround plans
  • Accreditation problems
  • Low enrollment


…and many more issues that stand in the way of the goals of universities and colleges – educating people, graduating students, and sustaining their institution’s success.

You have a choice: struggle or transform. Because as the saying goes, change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

The Change Leader's Higher Education Consulting Services

Accreditation Consulting to help colleges and universities obtain accreditation and maintain accreditation. We’ve successfully helped those who’ve lost or are about to lose their accreditation not only turn troubles into triumphs but also end up with rave reviews by the accrediting board. We provide institutional and program evaluation, assessment services, and analytics services.

Governance excellence consulting to build strong board and faculty governance systems that work together seamlessly and collaboratively, not in silos or with resistance. We provide board governance and shared governance higher education consulting services that demonstrate how strength comes from collaboration and communication.

Strategic management services position your university for growth and financial sustainability and help you build a playbook for success.

Our proprietary change management services enable you to defy the 80% failure rate and implement the critical changes you need to succeed without resistance to change.

Your plan is only as good as the information you have when creating it. In our increasingly volatile world and industry, strategic planning and risk management go hand in hand. Planning for the best and preparing for the worst is the way forward for higher education institutions.

Strategically design a plan that helps build and sustain your institution while designing with the agility to mitigate risk and implement a crisis management plan if (and when) the situation should arise. 

We provide market strategy for higher education. Students have more options now than ever before. That’s a continuing trend you must prepare for. So, how do you stand out in a sea of competition? We help you differentiate your college or university to align with your ideal students. You’ll attract more students who will thrive and succeed, becoming lifelong brand ambassadors for your institution.

Implementing your plans and hitting the plan milestones is the hardest part of the strategy. Plan implementation is the reason most plans fail. Our experts will ensure your plans and your institution succeed. 

Is the tactical side, the vision, the goals, and the outcome of your institution in alignment? Too many institutions have misaligned silos undermining the success of their institution. Our holistic approach will break down those silos to create organizational alignment and communication flow to bring about the success your institution is built for.  

Distance education and online education services help you enroll your share of the 17+ million “post-traditional” students who will never set foot on campus.

Too many higher ed institutions struggle or fail without considering mergers and alliances before it’s too late.

Our experts in higher education mergers and alliances will help you turn your institution’s weaknesses into strengths or help you find the right institution to acquire that will strengthen your institution of higher learning. 

Our grant writing and funding identification experts help colleges and universities stop the funding struggle so they can focus on what society needs now more than ever and what they do best: producing educated members of society. 

Crisis management and transformation for higher education takes more than just higher ed experience. It takes broad skills and a holistic approach. 

We coach higher education leadership through their toughest challenges and improve capacity-building and capacity-development models.

Our seminar and speaking engagements are provided by The Change Leader’s founder and higher education expert, Dr. Drumm McNaughton, who frequently presents at major higher ed conferences. 

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