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The Change Leader's Strategic Management Consulting for Higher Education Institutions

Plan Implementation for Higher Education

Now that you have your strategic plan completed, The Change Leader will help you implement your plan by calling on our expert advisors to guide you through putting in place the key elements of your strategies.


Strategic Enrollment Management

Creating sustainable institutions means having strong enrollment systems.  Let our expert admissions and advising experts help you implement the programs that you need to ensure the right number and mix of students are admitted to and remain successful at your institution.

Check out our library of podcasts and articles about student enrollment.

Registrar and Records Management

Face it.  Most of us hate paperwork, but paperwork and records management, especially in the registrar’s office, are some of the most critical issues that universities must deal with.  Our AACRAO experts can help you navigate the thorniest registrar issues.

Program Development

Our expert instructional designers and course developers will build the courses that you need when you need them.


Organizational Alignment for Colleges and Universities

Organizations are like high-performance cars – they need all the parts assembled properly to make them run at peak performance.

The problem is most institutions don’t hit on all cylinders – they are misaligned, don’t have all the right pieces in place, or the pieces don’t work well together, which results in missing enrollment goals, graduation goals, and/or lowered morale . . . the list goes on and on. 

The Change Leader can help you get your institution aligned and build the capacity that you need to run on all cylinders. From developing a shared vision to implementing that vision to reorganizing to make the vision a reality, we ensure you will hit on all cylinders. 

We conduct policy and governance reviews to uncover problems unbeknownst to you.

We get at the unspoken truths of your institution, identify hidden problems, and implement plans to solve them.

With our help, higher education institutions have reduced hiring costs, improved innovation, and boosted employee performance.

Every institution has the potential to achieve sustainable and transformative change; the key is to increase transparency, identify necessary changes, and eliminate the pressures and resistance to change that can short-circuit your initiatives.

Distance and Online Education

There is a revolution taking place in higher education—the face-to-face (f2f) model of delivering classes, used since time immemorial, is being supplemented (and in some cases supplanted) by distance education, online learning, or a blended delivery model.

The new large demographic of students are working adults who require a more flexible schedule than being in a classroom for 7 hours a day.  According to the Gates Foundation, 62% of all students are working full or part-time, 59% of them are commuting students, and nearly 67% are non-Pell Grant students who attend full time. 

Enter distance education, online education, and blended learning. 

In today’s education landscape, 50% of all students will take a distance education / online course during their college careers, and the number who are 100% online is approaching 20% and growing. All higher education institutions should be making changes to meet these new demands, yet many institutions struggle to break free from traditional approaches—even when they put their very existence at risk. 

The Change Leader helps institutions create and implement their plans for distance education, including new programs and/or converting all or part of your current course offerings for online education or blended delivery.  

It doesn’t have to be hard.  Let The Change Leader help you develop and implement this “new” way of learning that has changed education forever.

Grant Writing and Funding Identification Services

Many education institutions find themselves in a perpetual funding crisis, relying disproportionally on grants and outside funding to make ends meet or not having adequate funds to create new programs that could better meet current and future students’ needs and make them sustainable.

We help institutions improve their bottom lines, continue established practices, and pursue new initiatives by developing strong internal grant writing and funding identification processes.

The Change Leader can also help your institution with researching grant funding sources, opportunity analysis, proposal developments, grant writing, and grant management. Additionally, our Grant Writing and Funding Identification services extend into other key financial areas, including:

  • Developing budgets with justification
  • Forms completion
  • Identifying sources of financing, including traditional funding entities and alternative funding such as government loans, tax credits, and incentives

Our efforts have helped education institutions obtain funding in multiple areas, including alternative transportation, renewable energy, biomass/biofuels, solar, water infrastructure, information technologies, cybersecurity, geothermal, workforce development, agriculture, human services/housing/HUD, environmental programs, natural resources/trails, community planning/urban greening, children’s services, Tribal, and Military sectors.

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