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The Future Role of Faculty

The Future Role of Faculty in Higher Ed Part 1:

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 7

What is the future role of faculty for institutions of higher learning? Colleges and universities are not known for making rapid changes, although many who work in higher education – especially faculty members — have strong feelings about the ways others need to change. Yet with change happening so quickly and in so many ways, the role of faculty members has to change.

Student Issues

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 4: Student Issues

Part 4 of The Changing Face of Higher Ed Series drills down on student issues’ impact on your institution. To successfully enroll and keep students, colleges and universities will need to look at a variety of factors as they move into the future. We at the Change Leader believe these factors include the changing demographics on campus, students’ prospects for future earnings, the possibility of dropping out, and campus safety, all of which are addressed here.

Improve Higher Ed Governance

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 3:

Improving Higher Education Governance

Improve Higher Ed Governance to move your university or college forward successfully. Higher education continues to be in the hot seat. Institutional leaders are dealing with pressing challenges such as declining enrollments, unreliable federal and state funding, an aging faculty, and public discontent about higher education. In addition, many trends are starting to emerge that will help shape the future of our institutions.

The Purpose of Higher Education Part 1

The Purpose of Higher Education Part 1

The purpose of higher education is in a state of transition. What traditionally has been a stable part of Western society for so many years now must find ways to remain relevant in a time of expanding knowledge, changing societal values, and increased questioning of authority figures.

the purpose of higher education

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 1: The Purpose of Higher Ed

The purpose of Higher Ed, at its core, remains the same, but it is still a moving target. One of the major challenges facing higher education leaders is identifying what the purpose of higher ed is now. For some schools, the mission has been offering undergraduate programs designed to prepare the next generation of white-collar workers. In other institutions, the focus is on preparing the next generation of scholars and creating cutting-edge knowledge. The purpose of Higher Ed is the first in The Changing Face of Higher Ed series as it’s the most important to the success and sustainability of higher education institutions.

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