Changing Higher Ed podcasts are dedicated to helping college and university leaders improve their institutions. We offer the latest in higher ed news and insights from the top experts in our profession who share their perspectives on how you can grow your institution.

The Changing Higher Ed podcasts are hosted by Dr. Drumm McNaughton, CEO of The Change Leader, a higher education consulting firm.

The Changing Higher Ed Podcast

"Drumm – you are one heck of a good podcast host. I have done several podcasts. You are the best host I have ever worked with. You are incredibly well organized, and the ‘planning and discussion session’ you hosted two days ago helped us all to do a superb job today. Most of all Drumm, you made today’s actual podcast enterprise both substantive and also fun for your two guests. I enjoyed our three person smiles and laughter as we talked. Hope your podcast listeners enjoy hearing our remarks as much as we enjoyed presenting them. Thanks for everything."

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Changing Higher Ed Podcast | Dr. Drumm McNaughton | Higher Ed Consultant
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