Strategic Planning and Management for Higher Ed Institutions Webinar

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Strategic Planning and Management for Higher Ed Institutions Webinar


Strategic Planning and Management for Higher Ed Institutions Webinar

We live in a new normal, where the pool of “traditional” students is decreasing as are enrollments; institutions are struggling to meet expenses, discounting is the norm, tuition assistance/grants are decreasing, and deferred maintenance is eating budges alive; and accountability is a “bad” word.

Yet, most institutions continue to plan in the same ways they always have (if they do at all), and they are struggling to make ends meet.

Please join Dr. Drumm McNaughton, a strategy and planning expert who has added over $500 million to organizations’ bottom lines, for a webinar on how education institutions can be more proactive in addressing their challenges through implementing new ways of planning and change. Attendees will learn how to:

– Build a strategic plan

A strong, strategic plan, is a living, breathing roadmap for your institution, not a static document that sits on the president’s shelves gathering dust.

– Create change management structures

You’ll learn to create a change management structure that drives implementation and provides the mechanisms for updating the plan as your operating environment changes (which it always does).

– Create a shared vision for implementation that mitigates resistance to change

– Build a strong leadership team

After watching the Strategic Planning and Management for Higher Ed Institutions Webinar, you will be empowered to build a strong leadership team that can implement and make change stick, as it is in the execution that makes the difference for success or failure.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:34 The Change Leader Berkeley School District
  • 2:07 Does this sound like your institution?
  • 4:58 The Change Leader’s 2017 Survey – Business
  • 5:34 Welcome to the new normal
  • 7:54 Three requirements for creating sustainable higher education institutions
  • 9:30 Holistic systems defined
  • 11:32 Complexity: The enemy of holistic thinking
  • 13:28 The cure: Keep a higher perspective and focus on outcomes
  • 13:59 Talent supply chain
  • 15:42 Organization Alignment
  • 16:11 Secrets of constant growth
  • 20:11 Think holistically about university management Change Structures
  • 22:18 GE’s strategic management process
  • 24:18 Where are you going?
  • 25:17 TCL’s holistic management system
  • 28:08 Competitive advantage and positioning
  • 32:07 Annual plans and responsibilities
  • 33:12 Annual plans and priorities
  • 37:29 The six phases of change
  • 38:31 Making change stick
  • 39:30 Defining alignment and out-of-alignment
  • 40:04 Defining alignment (and out of alignment)
  • 41:04 Planning and alignment 41:52 Our University structure
  • 42:00 University systems 42:22 Ensuring org and delivery alignment
  • 43:02 Institutions have many stakeholders
  • 44:14 Resistance to change
  • 46:11 Planning + attunement
  • 48:17 Stakeholder attunement isn’t easy
  • 59:04 Managers vs. leaders
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