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Higher education governance, board governance, and shared governance

Higher Education Governance

The Change Leader provides higher education governance consulting to build strong board and faculty governance systems that drive institutions to greater excellence. 

Higher Education Governance – board governance and shared governance – are critical in today’s Higher Education climate.  No longer is it enough that you understand the institution’s mission and vision, you need to be the guiding light of the institution to successfully and seamlessly lead it toward your mission and vision. 

You and your board need to be prepared to deal with a myriad of obstacles at a moment’s notice to effectively manage crisis. Your institution and students are counting on you.

We help you remove friction and silos in your governance systems that keep you in jeopardy of failing in your mission and clouding your vision.

Is your Higher Education governance as strong as it could be?



Higher education board governance finds itself at a crossroads. At the root of its troubles is ineffective board governance.

One must look no further than recent headlines — sexual assault at Michigan State and its former president brought up on charges of lying to police, or the University of Maryland’s issues with the death of a football player and its board overruling its president about firing the coach.

As a board member, you are a fiduciary and can be held personally responsible and legally liable for the boards’ actions.  

Board Governance Higher Education
Higher Education Governance

It doesn’t matter whether you are a political appointee to a public university board or a trustee because you belong to the same church.  You are ultimately responsible for the actions of that university and the people involved in and with the university.

The Change Leader’s team members have been on and worked with multiple boards. Our principal consultant in this area is Dr. Drumm McNaughton, who has certified a Board Leadership Fellow by the National Association of Corporate Directors, a certification available only to experienced, well-qualified board members. He also works for the Association of Governing Boards as a senior consultant, one of only 60 consultants so recognized. He can help you to better define your roles and responsibilities, how to work better with one another and the leadership team, and get you focused on what is important to drive your institution to success.

It all starts at the top. As a board member, you set the tone for the institution. Are you in harmony, or off-key? 

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Higher education shared governance can be likened to an arranged marriage – some are great and some you feel “stuck” with each other.

When shared governance is strong, an institution looks to a shared vision of the future and the common good. When communication and cohesion are strengthened both administration and faculty embrace and are easily accountable for making changes needed to drive your institution forward. 

However, when it isn’t, administration and faculty are frequently at odds, and critical changes don’t get implemented or if they do you’re left with significant resistance that hurts the institution and its reputation going forward. It doesn’t need to be that way.

The Change Leader’s approach to higher education shared governance promotes trust, communication, and a shared vision between faculty and administration, thus enabling a university to move forward in ways better than it thought possible.

One size doesn’t fit all in shared governance.

We help you establish the best form of shared governance for your institution. One that protects the integrity of your programs while facilitating your ability to be agile and make the changes necessary to stay relevant and thrive in higher education’s next normal.

Shared Governance Higher Education Governance

Trust. The Change Leader’s consulting formula makes change and true shared governance possible.  

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