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Changing Higher Ed podcast 202-Beyond Career and Job-Ready Graduates-Beating the Underemployment Odds

Beyond Career and Job-Ready Graduates: Beating the Underemployment Odds:

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 202 with Host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Guest Kevin Grubb

In this episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Kevin Grubb, Associate Vice Provost for Career and Professional Development at Villanova University, about the holistic approach Villanova is taking to create career and job-ready graduates.

Villanova University is setting a new standard for career readiness in higher education by integrating career development throughout the student experience, from orientation to graduation and beyond. This holistic approach recognizes that true career readiness goes beyond just skills training; it also involves supporting students’ overall wellbeing, fostering a strengths-based mindset, and preparing graduates to thrive in an increasingly complex and technologically driven world of work.

Through our conversation, Kevin shared valuable insights into the innovative strategies Villanova employs to ensure their students are not just academically prepared but also equipped with the skills, experiences, and support needed to navigate the complexities of the modern job market and achieve long-term career success.

Lifelong Learning Models for a Changing Higher Ed Marketplace | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 200 with Host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Guest Amrit Ahluwalia

Lifelong Learning Models for a Changing Higher Ed Marketplace:

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 200 with Host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Guest Amrit Ahluwalia

In the 200th episode, Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Amrit Ahluwalia discuss the transformation of higher education into a key player in lifelong learning and workforce development. They address the shift in educational models to meet the needs of a rapidly changing job market, where over 60% of jobs will require new skills by 2025. The conversation focuses on redefining the role of universities to support continuous upskilling and reskilling, moving away from strictly traditional degrees towards a more flexible and accessible approach to education.

Ahluwalia and McNaughton explore how universities can evolve from their traditional role as knowledge gatekeepers to facilitators of lifelong learning. They highlight the importance of continuing education divisions in expanding access to learning and acting as drivers of socioeconomic mobility.

The episode underscores the need for universities to adopt an “Intentional Learning Outcomes” mindset and leverage continuing education to offer market-aligned credentialing and learning opportunities. This approach aims to break down financial barriers and create pathways to prosperity, positioning universities as vital to workforce development and community growth.

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 198- NYU’s Alternate Pathways to a Top-Tier Degree - Part 2 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Dr. Douglas Harrison

NYU’s Alternate Pathways to Top-Tier Degrees – Part 2:

Changing Higher Ed podcast 198 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Dr. Douglas Harrison

New York University’s School for Professional Studies continues to break new ground in democratizing access to elite education, with a keen focus on serving first-generation and low-income students. Building on the momentum of innovative educational strategies, Part 2 dives into the further evolution of NYU’s commitment to meeting the multifaceted needs of today’s learners.

This next phase unveils how NYU leverages cutting-edge online learning platforms, advanced credit for prior learning, and robust support services to tailor the educational journey to each student’s unique circumstances. From forming strategic partnerships with public and private sectors to enhance career readiness, to implementing flexible pricing and financial aid models that ease the financial burden of higher education, NYU is crafting pathways for success that are as unique as the student body it serves.

Discover how NYU’s forward-thinking leadership is embracing risk and innovation to extend the reach of its programs, fostering an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and professionally. Join us as we explore how these initiatives are not only changing lives but also setting a new standard for inclusivity and excellence in higher education.

 Improving Institutional Accreditation Transparency - A Call for Change and the Need for Accountability - The Change Leader circled with links to accreditation components

Improving Institutional Accreditation Transparency:

A Call for Change and the Need for Accountability

Why is accreditation transparency important? Accreditors serve as the gatekeepers for over $150 billion in financial aid. Institutional accreditation is the gold standard for higher education institutions in the US and globally. Indeed, without accreditation, most employers and other universities and colleges will not accept a degree from a graduate, whether for employment or graduate school. Colleges and universities are only eligible for federal financial aid if accredited by a Department of Education-approved accreditor. And most importantly, they will attract quality faculty or students to deliver degrees only if an institution is accredited.

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