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Is Shared Governance Obsolete or Has it Just Gone Off the Rails-The Change Leader

Is Shared Governance Obsolete or Has It Simply Gone Off the Rails?:

Repairing and Updating Derailed Shared Governance for Effective Collaboration

Higher Education leadership is facing a dilemma in addressing the systemic dysfunctions within shared governance. We explore the challenges and solutions for revitalizing shared governance, offering actionable insights for presidents, boards, and leaders seeking to enhance institutional effectiveness.

We outline the necessity of redefining roles, responsibilities, and accountability mechanisms through the RACI model to ensure clarity and efficiency in decision-making. By embracing a structured approach to realign shared governance with its original intent, leaders are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern higher education, fostering a collaborative environment that is responsive to change and committed to academic excellence.

Discover the pathway to transforming shared governance into a dynamic, accountable, and transparent system that supports institutional goals and academic integrity.

How Innovation and Shared Governance Influence Turnaround Success

How Innovation and Shared Governance Influence Turnaround Success:

The National Louis University Story

Successfully reinventing a college or university into a truly innovative school after cutting a significant portion of programs sounds near impossible. However, the experiences at National Louis University (NLU), a four-campus private institution in Chicago, proved that presidents and other decision-makers can turn around an institution without having the complete buy-in of faculty and staff. 

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