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Changing Higher Podcast 215 - Institution Wide AI Integration Strategy-Future Proof College Like MDC with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Madeline Pumariega

Institution Wide AI Integration Strategy: Future Proof College Like MDC:

Changing Higher Ed podcast 215 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Madeline Pumariega

In this episode of The Changing Higher Ed Podcast, Dr. Drumm McNaughton welcomes back Madeline Pumariega, President of Miami Dade College, to discuss their future facing strategy for integrating artificial intelligence across the institution.

Podcast Overview:

• Insights into MDC’s comprehensive AI strategy, from stackable credentials to interdisciplinary implementation

• Strategies for faculty development and addressing skepticism about AI in education

• Practical advice on implementing AI for student success, from personalized learning to facilities management

• Vision for ethical AI use and rethinking assessment in the age of AI

• Guidance for higher education leaders on aligning AI initiatives with institutional values and community needs

This episode provides essential guidance for presidents, board members, and administrators on embracing AI not as a passing trend or a “nice to have,” but as a “must know” paradigm-shifting force. Discover strategies to weave this revolutionary technology into the fabric of your institution, preparing your community for a future where AI is as fundamental as electricity or literacy.

Changing Higher Podcast 214- Insights from the State of Higher Education Report 2024 by Lumina and Gallup with guest Courtney Brown and host Dr. Drumm McNaughton

Insights from the State of Higher Education Report 2024 by Lumina and Gallup:

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 214 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Dr. Courtney Brown

In this episode, we review the findings of the 2024 State of Higher Education Report, presented by Dr. Courtney Brown of Lumina Foundation. Dr. Brown shares eye-opening insights on the evolving demographics of college students, the growing crisis of students stopping out, and the persistent barriers to enrollment and completion.

Key takeaways:

– Understand the shifting profile of today’s college students, with 60% working and one-third having children.

– Learn about the primary barriers to enrollment, including cost, emotional stress, and work/family responsibilities.

– Insights on the alarming increase in students stopping out, with 41.9 million adults having some college credit but no degree.

– Explore strategies for higher education institutions to adapt, including enhancing mental health services and improving workforce alignment.

– Gain insights for university leaders on collecting student data, identifying potential students, and improving affordability.

Brown and McNaughton also discuss the perceived value of higher education and the importance of transparent pricing models.

This episode equips higher education leaders with vita information to navigate the labyrinth of student needs and expectations, helping institutions evolve to meet the challenges of the declining enrollment trend and the demographic cliff.

Changing Higher Ed podcast 208-Living on the Edge-Design Thinking for a New Era in Higher Ed with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Cesar Santalo

Living on the Edge: Design Thinking for a New Era in Higher Ed:

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 208 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Cesar Santalo

In this episode, we dive into the world of design thinking for transformational strategic planning and change management. Cesar Santalo, Dean of the College of Communications and Design at Lynn University, shares his unique perspective as an artist and educator on leveraging this innovative approach to drive rapid change and better serve students.

Key takeaways:

– Discover the 5-step process of design thinking and how it fosters empathy, creativity, and continuous improvement.
– Learn how Lynn University used design thinking to develop its strategic plan, engaging over 650 stakeholders.
– See examples of design thinking in action, from reimagining freshman courses to creating a student-run advertising agency.
– Understand the key traits needed for effective design thinking and how to cultivate an innovative culture.
– Get insights for university presidents and boards on embracing failure, empowering faculty, and partnering with employers.

Cesar also shares exciting plans for the future of Lynn University, including expanding internships, study abroad programs, and integrating sustainable development goals into the curriculum.

This episode will inspire you with fresh ideas and practical strategies for transformation to deliver unparalleled value to students.

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 199 Employability and Future-Proofing Graduates- Pathways to Success at MDC with Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Madeline Pumariega

Employability and Future-Proofing Graduates: Pathways to Success at MDC:

Changing Higher Ed podcast 199 with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Madeline Pumariega

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into the strategic and forward thinking planning of Miami Dade College, led by President Madeline Pumariega. This institution stands out for its pragmatic and innovative approach to higher education, focusing on what students really need to be workforce ready and future proof. With an enrollment of 125,000, Miami Dade is creating new pathways for first gen and low SES students to employment and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the critical skills that today’s industries demand.

We’ll unpack how the college forges strong partnerships with businesses to ensure that its programs align with the evolving needs of the job market, providing a seamless transition for graduates from classroom to career. Plus, we explore Miami Dade’s commitment to embracing the full spectrum of higher education—from academic knowledge to employability skills, upskilling working adults, and digital competencies with their AI certificate, Associate and Bachelor degree programs launched in 2023, that has over 400 enrolled students with the average age of 44.

Learn how Miami Dade College is making education relevant, accessible, and impactful for all its students, setting them up not just for jobs, but for careers and businesses that contribute to thriving communities and upward mobility.

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