Organization Alignment

Organizations are like high performance cars – they need all the parts assembled properly to make them run at peak performance.

The problem is, most institutions don’t hit on all cylinders – they are misaligned, don’t have all the right pieces in place, or the pieces don’t work well together, which results in missing enrollment goals, graduation goals, and/or low morale . . . the list goes on and on. 

TCL can help you get your institution aligned and build the capacity that you need to run on all cylinders, from developing a shared vision to implementing that vision to reorganizing to make the vision a reality, so that it will hit on all cylinders.  We conduct policy and governance reviews to uncover problems unbeknownst to you. We get at the unspoken truths of your institution, identify hidden problems, and implement plans to solve them. With our help, higher education institutions have reduced hiring costs, improved innovation, and boosted employee performance.

Every institution has the potential to achieve sustainable and transformative change; the key is to increase transparency, identify necessary changes, and eliminate the pressures and resistance to change that can short-circuit your initiatives.

After all, why would you want to have your Maserati run like a Corvair? 

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