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Today’s higher education leaders are facing challenges never before seen at colleges and universities, both from within their own institutions and in the industry as a whole. Challenges such as COVID and campus closures, instant online education, #Black LivesMatter, “free speech,” decreasing enrollment, #MeToo, reduced giving and fundraising, cash flow, increased government regulations – the list goes on and on – and they have all resulted in high turnover rates, stress and burnout, and cultures that just can’t do anymore.

Just ask ADM William McRaven, former chancellor of the University of Texas system, who stated that the “role of the president of the University (along with that of the health care institution) is the toughest job in the nation.”

Presidential and employee turnover rates have increased. The average tenure of a college or university president has dropped from 8.5 years in 2006, to 6.5 years in 2016. In those figures are getting worse because of the unique challenges of the job.

All these challenges require a leader who can enable change, and change is only possible when leaders have the support of their stakeholders.

But the real challenge is where do these leaders come from when higher education generally does a poor job in building leaders. Administrators and employees rarely if ever receive formal leadership training when making the transition from faculty or employee to administration, and when a crisis comes, the leader is ill-prepared to deal with what’s going on.

The middle of a crisis is NOT the time to be training a leader.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A study published about 10 years ago by American Quality Foundation, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, examined 945 management practices in over 580 organizations in the US, Japan, and Canada, and the best practices metrics that they used were market performance, operations (productivity), and financial performance.

What they found was there were only three universally beneficial practices that had a significant impact on the metrics regardless of starting position (state of the company)

  • Strategic planning with good implementation practices
  • Business process improvement IF they are focused on customer
  • Continuous broadening of breadth and depth of leadership and management practices

The Change Leader offers consulting, coaching, and training services that builds leadership capacity for higher education institutions through seminars, coaching, and mentoring. We offer these services to boards, presidents, chancellors, CEOs, provosts, deans, and managers through seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching as an integral part of our holistic approach to change.

Leadership is critical for achieving high performing organizations, and the best way for people to learn how to become leaders is through leadership development programs.

Does your institution have the leaders it needs to make the changes in the COVID era? Please click on this link to get started on the path to building strong leaders at your institution.