Shared Governance

Shared governance can be likened to an arranged marriage – some are great and some you feel “stuck” with each other.

When shared governance is good, an institution looks to a shared vision of the future and the common good, and both administration and faculty embrace and are accountable for changes. However, when it isn’t, administration and faculty are frequently at odds, and critical changes don’t get implemented (or they do with significant resistance that hurts the institution and its reputation going forward).     

This doesn’t need to be this way.

TCL’s approaches to shared governance and change promote trust and a shared vision between faculty and administration, thus enabling a university to move forward in ways better than it thought possible. 

One size doesn’t fit all.

We help you establish the best form of shared governance for your institution, one that protects the integrity of your programs while facilitating your ability to be nimble and make the changes necessary to stay relevant / thrive in education’s new normal.

Trust.  The Change Leader’s formula that makes change and true shared governance possible.  

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