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College and University Closures and Transparency in Higher Ed

College and University Closures – Transparency in Higher Ed

College and university closures. According to a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, closures of four-year, private, not-for-profit universities and colleges in 2017 are expected to triple from the current average rate of five per year.

Creating Meaningful Change in Higher Education

Creating Meaningful Change in Higher Education

Higher education leaders are seeking to create meaningful change at their colleges and university, and while continuing to face demands to be more accountable.  At the national level, the U.S. Congress is considering the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity (HERO) Act, parts of which move accountability to the state level. This proposal, if passed, would give individual states the responsibility to create accrediting systems, curricula, apprenticeships, programs, and individual courses.

Tuition Increases Unsustainable Tuition Increases in Higher Ed

Unsustainable Tuition Increases in Higher Ed

How to Improve the ROI of Higher Ed

Tuition increases have become the norm, but they’re not sustainable. Student loan debt is out of control and a hot topic in politics as well as driving down enrollment. From where will the money come to keep your institution enrollment at a sustainable level? These days, institutions of higher education are susceptible to economic uncertainty on multiple fronts. A decline in international student enrollment during the Trump administration could reduce revenues at both private and public universities. Despite a slight uptick in the rate of public funding over the last few years, state economies are still recovering from the last recession, and the slightest hint of economic uncertainty could plunge those figures back into negative territory.

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Ed

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Education

The greatest challenges facing Higher Ed according to those on the inside. Presidents of Higher Education Institutions have a unique insight into their institution’s problems, and it’s no secret that higher education is facing a sort of crisis.

Navy Seals’ Hell Week Reveals Fundamentals of Leadership

Navy Seals’ Hell Week Reveals Fundamentals of Leadership

Discovering the fundamentals of leadership through observing Navy Seal Hell Week. No, you don’t have to crawl under live machine-gun fire or lay prone for hours in the freezing surf to learn the value of leadership, but there’re lots that we in academe can learn about leadership from the Navy Seals’ Hell Week.

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