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Prepare for Changes in Higher Ed Accreditation

Prepare for Changes in Higher Ed Accreditation:

with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 089

Are you staying informed of the changes in higher ed accreditation and what those changes could mean to your strategic planning? Higher education institutions are increasingly being called to improve the quality of education they provide and to be more innovative. Institutional accreditation serves as quality control to ensure that institutions are remaining true to their mission and providing academic benefit to students.

EMBRACING A NEW MODEL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION GOVERNANCE Part 1: Raising The Bar For College And University Leaders

Embracing a New Model for Higher Education Governance Part 1:

Raising the Bar for College and University Leaders

Our institutions of higher learning must begin embracing a new model for higher education governance and shared governance. As change continually buffets colleges and universities, higher education boards are increasingly finding themselves in the hot seat. Trustees are facing challenges such as the pandemic, the enrollment cliff, declining state funding, and increasing online learning that ultimately will make or break the institution they govern and are responsible for.

Higher Ed Marketing and brand positioning

Higher Education Marketing and Brand Positioning

The Change Leader’s proprietary processes and methods have helped multiple universities and colleges grow their enrollment and improve fundraising as a result of improving their brand positioning. Some of the areas we’ve helped colleges and universities improve include:

Conducted market research and developed a brand positioning statement and core message statements that improved enrollment and advancement communications

Developed a brand architecture framework and visual identity, including logo, color palette, and fonts, giving a consistent look and feel across an institution’s communication platforms

Developed a strategic marketing implementation plan that rolled out the brand positioning across key audiences, including prospective students, parents, alumni, and donors, resulting in increased enrollments and donations

Audited an institution’s website and marketing materials to identify opportunities to strengthen the communication of the institution’s brand positioning, and once they implemented the changes, their enrollment and donations increased

ERM - Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Ed Part 3

Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Ed Part 3:

Risk Oversight and the Board’s Role in Higher Education Risk Management

The need for enterprise risk management (ERM) in higher ed was underscored by the chaotic nature of 2020. However, as noted in two previous blogs, many higher education institutions are unsure of why and how to develop this type of plan and then administrators’ roles in operationalizing this effort.  This post addresses the other major component that needs to be addressed in creating an ERM plan—the important part that the institution’s board plays in the ERM.

Enterprise Risk Management In Higher Ed

Enterprise Risk Management In Higher Ed Part 1:

An Overview of the Planning Process

Enterprise risk management in higher ed is widely ignored, but in the traditional business world, enterprise risk management has become an integral part of the business vocabulary.
Living in a VUCA World: We currently live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment due to a myriad of factors that cause chaos. These disruptions, some of which can be forecast while others are unforeseen, create short-term or long-term change that can be positive or negative. Just think of the implications of COVID-19, which has turned everything in the world upside down.

Defining the Role of Academe in the Future of America

Defining the Role of Academe in the Future of America:

The Latest Higher Ed News from Dr. Drumm McNaughton

Defining the role of academe in the future of America needs to be addressed and defined by leaders in the Academy. A new administration took office this week—and this is one of the most important transitions in our country’s history. The national acrimony and strife that has been building since the 1980s came to a head this year, exploding into the streets, on campuses and into the headlines. The sharp political divide, Black Lives Matter, the takeover of the U.S. Capitol, the rise of innuendo and slander and divisiveness brings us to a basic question – what is the United States about?

University Governance

Strategic Board Leadership Creates New University Governance Paradigm:

with Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Henry Stoever | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 066

Strategic board leadership is an emerging paradigm of university governance that can help higher education institutions navigate multiple challenges. This podcast features Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Henry Stoever, president of AGB.

Changing Paradigm of University Governance

Typically, higher education boards are made up of individuals who are appointed as trustees because they have made significant philanthropic contributions, either to the institution or, in the case of public universities, to a political party candidate who then appoints the individual once elected. This approach is shifting as boards and institutional leadership teams begin to develop strategic partnerships.

Higher Education Consulting Firm | The Change Leader

Higher Education Consulting Firm | The Change Leader, Inc.

The Change Leader, Inc. is a higher education consulting firm with a holistic approach to growing sustainable improvement with a primary focus on accreditation, governance, strategic planning and implementation, change management, and mergers.

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