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Improve Higher Ed Governance

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 3: Improve Higher Ed Governance

Improve Higher Ed Governance to move your university or college forward successfully. Higher education continues to be in the hot seat. Institutional leaders are dealing with pressing challenges such as declining enrollments, unreliable federal and state funding, an aging faculty, and public discontent about higher education. In addition, many trends are starting to emerge that will help shape the future of our institutions.

Higher Ed Accreditation Stamp of approval

Is Higher Ed Accreditation Needed or Nuisance?

Is higher ed accreditation needed or is it just a nuisance? The answer depends on how one sees the benefits of higher ed accreditation. In some cases, higher education leaders who see the glass as half-full are using this accreditation process in a positive manner.

Embracing a New Model for Higher Ed Governance Part 4 | The Change Leader

Embracing a New Model for Higher Ed Governance Part 4:

How The Board and President Relationships Have Evolved

In part 4 of the Embracing a New Model for Higher Ed Governance series, we’re diving into how board roles continue to shift, even as higher education’s focus evolves with the rapidly changing environment. These shifts bring pressure on the board to embrace their responsibilities for oversight as well as the opportunity to serve in a consultant capacity to the institution. These emerging roles are quickly becoming a requirement because of the rapidly changing external environment that is VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

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