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The Polarization of Higher Education

The Polarization of Higher Education

The polarization of Higher Education isn’t entirely new. During the 1960s campuses became very political, but things died down for a while. The divisiveness in American society has been growing for a while, and while this deep polarization seems to be further cleaved by the latest tweets from President Trump, the divides, which began to pick up again in the 1980s, have been getting substantially worse over the past decade.

Student Leadership Development Programs

The Story of Texas A&M’s Student Leadership Development Programs – People Support What They Help Create

Student Leadership Development Programs – Higher education leaders often talk about creating the next generation of leaders.  Many current efforts at colleges and universities are focused on flipped classrooms and leadership seminars. But how do we give young adults firsthand experience (instead of theoretical knowledge) of the skills and abilities needed for becoming leaders in their future organizations, communities, and globally?

Higher Ed Consultant Speaker Seminars | Dr. Drumm McNaughton

Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Dr. Drumm McNaughton frequently presents at major higher ed conferences. Some of the topics include:
-Strategic Management – Planning and Change: How to Create, Implement, and Sustain Growth in Today’s New Normal.
-Building Leadership Capacity: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Schools.
-Designing for Performance: Getting the Most from your Organizational Structure

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Ed

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Education

The greatest challenges facing Higher Ed according to those on the inside. Presidents of Higher Education Institutions have a unique insight into their institution’s problems, and it’s no secret that higher education is facing a sort of crisis.

Evolution vs Revolution: Do You Know the Difference?

Evolution vs Revolution: Do You Know the Difference?

Organizational evolution is a normal progression where both the organization and its people attain a higher level of consciousness. It’s a form of evolution (absent religion) that involves developing the ability to think systematically, to be trustworthy and transparent. It’s about decentralized and participative decision making and the realization that all people – regardless of position – have an important, valuable role to play. Strong leadership and change management success go hand in hand.

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