Preparing for the Upheaval: A Primer for Transforming Your Institution in Turbulent Times

Upheaval in Higher Education: A Primer for Surviving and Transforming Your Institution I am not a “doom and gloom” person – I see the good in (nearly) everyone and prefer to focus on the positive things in life. Having said that, I am concerned that...

Creating Education Pathways for First Generation Students with Dr. Karen Haynes | Changing Higher Ed 024

Dr. Karen Haynes retired as president of Cal State San Marcos on June 30, 2019. She was the longest-seated president in the CSU system and the first woman to hold this role in history. Haynes began her presidency in 2004 when the institution had a student population of 7,000 and an alumni base of 13,000. Through her leadership, the campus grew to serve 17,000 students and now has approximately 45,000 alumni.

Sexual Abuse in Academe

Sexual Abuse in Academe

Three years ago the Association of American Universities added kindling to a smoldering fire when it released a report that found that 25 percent of female undergraduate students experience sexual assault or misconduct during their time at university. The study...