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Measuring Current & Future Accreditation Success

Dr. Drumm McNaughton and our higher ed accreditation consulting services provide accreditation and regulatory / compliance experts who can help guide you through the accreditation processes. Our consulting experts will be your guide whether you are looking for initial accreditation, reaccreditation, or working with you to get you off probation, or worse. 

We’ve been there before – we’ve served on accreditation teams and been on the receiving end of accreditation visits. We know what is needed to earn and keep your accreditation and can help you through any stage of the process.

Our consultants have helped higher education institutions not only get back on track, but create strategic planning that will ensure they stay in good standing in the future when it comes to accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Do you want to find out where you stand?  

“During our recent accreditation special visit, our institution received six commendations and one recommendation, that being “we recommend you keep doing what you’re doing. . . . Accordingly, we strongly recommend Dr. McNaughton’s services to any institution who is in need of accreditation, governance, strategic planning, or personnel management expertise.” Excerpt from the TMUS Testimonial Letter.


Higher ed programs are a collection of resources designed to accomplish a predetermined goal, graduate students. Universities are made up of a collection of programs, each with their own goals, which together must accomplish the overarching mission of the institution. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to operate.

But how do you know when a program has grown beyond the means of an institution, lost relevance, become unprofitable, or taken an institution away from its stated mission? Are enrollments down? Are faculty protecting sacred cows?

The Change Leader’s consultants will help you succeed by conducting institutional and program assessments and evaluations, either independently or as part of larger in-house projects. We assess and evaluate your programs to determine if they are meeting your goals and make recommendations on how to improve them (or to teach them out as appropriate).

The larger question is if those goals align with your institution’s goals.

Could your institution benefit from a comprehensive institutional and/or programmatic evaluation? 


Assessment is the bedrock of making sound decisions, and The Change Leader leads the way in providing the necessary tools and expertise to help you understand and build your assessment process.  Whether they be developing formative or normative assessments, rubrics, program evaluations, or simply making sense of your data, The Change Leader’s team of higher ed experts can help you develop your programs and/or provide leadership in a wide range of activities related to the assessment of student learning. 

Do you have questions or want to improve on how you use assessment as a tool for improving your institutional outcomes? 

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