Grant Writing & Funding Identification


The Change Leader provides grant writing and funding identification for higher education institutions.

Many education institutions find themselves in a perpetual funding crisis, relying disproportionally on grants and outside funding to make ends meet, or not having the adequate funds to create new programs that could better meet current and future students’ needs and make them sustainable. We help institutions improve their bottom lines, continue established practices, and pursue new initiatives by developing strong internal grant writing and funding identification processes.

The Change Leader can also help your institution with researching grant funding identification, opportunity analysis, proposal developments, grant writing, and grant management. Additionally, our Grant Writing and Finding Identification services extend into other key financial areas including:

Grant Writing and Funding Identification

  • Developing budgets with justification

  • Forms completion

  • Identifying sources of financing, including traditional funding entities and alternative funding such as government loans, tax credits, and incentives

Our efforts have helped education institutions obtain funding in multiple areas, including alternative transportation, renewable energy, biomass/biofuels, solar, water infrastructure, information technologies, cybersecurity, geothermal, workforce development, agriculture, human services/housing/HUD, environmental programs, natural resources/trails, community planning/urban greening, children’s services, Tribal, and Military sectors.

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