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Keep Students Enrolled and on Track for Higher Ed Success - Happy multiracial university friends talk during lunch break at cafeteria.

Keep Students Enrolled and on Track for Higher Ed Success:

Changing Higher Ed Podcast 141 with Host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Guest Dr. Steven Katsouros

In this podcast, Dr. Drumm McNaughton speaks with Dr. Steve Katsouros of Come to Believe Foundation and Network, which works with colleges and universities to replicate a successful DEI, enrollment, and graduation model. Dr. Katsouros was the founder of Arrupe College, a two-year institution that is part of Loyola University Chicago.

Hope Forward: Enabling Free Tuition for College | The Change Leader

Hope Forward: Enabling Free Tuition for College:

with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Matt Scogin | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 092

Hope College, a Christian college located in Holland, Michigan, is establishing the innovative Hope Forward program, enabling free tuition for college, which will allow students to graduate debt-free. The first pilot cohort of students is enrolling in the school in Fall 2021. The institution is trying to create this model to free itself from being tied to tuition, build a true learning community, and inculcate the values of giving and generosity in students.

Christian Higher Education - Present and Future

How Bible Colleges are Navigating Challenges in Turbulent Times:

with Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Dr. Philip Dearborn | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 054

Bible colleges are navigating challenges beyond what non-christian institutions of higher education are facing. Christian colleges and universities face unique challenges, even without coronavirus, economic issues, and racial unrest. One of the guiding lights in helping navigate those challenges is the Association for Biblical Higher Education, which serves as an accreditor and also offers a number of services.

University Finances during Crisis Situations podcast

University Finances During Crisis Situations:

with Rob Hartman | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 041

University Finances during Crisis Situations podcast with Rob Hartman, who is the chief financial officer of Columbia International University (CIU), a Christian University located in Columbia, S.C.

The current pandemic is offering a wealth of learning for higher education. By taking that approach, institutions can better position themselves to survive through the challenges that will continue to ripple through the nation.

Christian Higher Education - Present and Future

Christian Higher Education – Present and Future:

with Dr. Drumm McNaughton Dr. Ralph Enlow, Jr. | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 039

Podcast, Christian Higher Ed – Present and Future with Dr. Ralph Enlow, Jr. and Dr. Drumm McNaughton discusses ways in which Christian higher ed is facing numerous challenges. The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) conducted a study in collaboration with the Barna Group in 2017 that focused on the marketplace, the dynamics facing member institutions as well as the perceptions of Christian higher education. The study identified a number of actions that Christian higher education institutions need to do to remain or become sustainable.

TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings | Changing Higher Ed 028

TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings | Changing Higher Ed 028

The TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings – Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, an accreditation body for Christian institutions of higher education, works with approximately 100 institutions.

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