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Innovating Higher Ed: Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

In this post, Innovating Higher Ed: Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, you’ll gain insights into ways the coronavirus is forcing higher education institutions to change in uncomfortable ways. But like any holistic change, this situation also is offering unintended consequences, both positive developments (blessings) and troubling realizations (curses).

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Reflections on 2019 and Predictions for 2020 with Drumm McNaughton and Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 030

The Change Leader CEO and President Drumm McNaughton and Aurora University Vice President for Marketing and Communications Deb Maue share their insights during the second annual wrap-up of happenings in higher education. This show notes offers a follow-up on the pair’s predictions for 2019 as well as insights on what to prepare for in 2020.

Transforming Higher Ed in Turbulent Times
Crisis Management

A Primer for Transforming Higher Ed in Turbulent Times

Transforming Higher Ed in turbulent times may seem impossible, in “normal” times is difficult enough. Preparing for what comes next and strategically managing the transformation will make or break your institution.

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How Universities Can Grow Enrollment Using New Marketing Techniques with Deborah Maue | Changing Higher Ed 023

Facing declining enrollments due to changing demographics and societal factors, many higher education institutions are engaging in marketing practices that don’t make sense. Instead, institutions should consider embracing marketing strategies that are based on informal and formal market research. Developing these strategies should include reviewing current messages, crafting new messages, and reallocating resources from ineffective marketing efforts to promising pilot programs.

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Marketing Essentials for Colleges and Universities with Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 010

Higher ed institutions are grappling with declining enrollment. The old ways of recruiting students that institutions used during the “go-go” years 15 years ago no longer work – there is far more competition for a shrinking pool of “traditional” students, student demographics have changed, and numerous other reasons. This has resulted in deep discounting of tuition, institutions investing in “climbing walls and lazy rivers” on campus, and other ways to attract prospective students.

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Higher Ed Branding and Marketing: Part 2

There have been significant changes to Higher Ed Branding and Marketing in the last few decades. Institutions of higher education started considering the importance of marketing about 45 years ago.

Market Positioning for Higher Education
Marketing | Positioning | Branding

Positioning: The Key to Filling the Enrollment Funnel Webinar

Positioning: The Key to Filling the Enrollment Funnel webinar grants insights into college and university market positioning with Dr. Drumm McNaughton, higher ed consultant and Vickie Sullivan, market strategist.

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Ed
Business of Higher Ed

The Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Education

The greatest challenges facing Higher Ed according to those on the inside. Presidents of Higher Education Institutions have a unique insight into their institution’s problems, and it’s no secret that higher education is facing a sort of crisis.

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