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Strategic Board Leadership Creates New University Governance Paradigm with Henry Stoever | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 066

Strategic board leadership is an emerging paradigm of university governance that can help higher education institutions navigate multiple challenges. This podcast features Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Henry Stoever, president of AGB.

Changing Paradigm of University Governance

Typically, higher education boards are made up of individuals who are appointed as trustees because they have made significant philanthropic contributions, either to the institution or, in the case of public universities, to a political party candidate who then appoints the individual once elected. This approach is shifting as boards and institutional leadership teams begin to develop strategic partnerships.

Creative Alliances Help Universities Thrive with Mark Scheinberg | Changing Higher Ed 055
Business of Higher Ed

Creative Alliances Help Universities Thrive with Mark Scheinberg | Changing Higher Ed 055

Creative partnerships and mergers and acquisitions are helping colleges and universities get out of financial crises while also serving students’ needs. One example of this type of partnership involves three higher education institutions — Goodwin University, Sacred Heart, and Paier College of Art—that are working with the University of Bridgeport to create a partnership.

How to Merge Two Universities
Mergers and Alliances

How to Merge Two Universities with Dr. Tony Allen | Changing Higher Ed 053

How to Merge Two Universities. Many higher ed institutions are struggling with finances due to COVID and other reasons, but few higher ed leaders are seriously contemplating a merger with or acquisition of or by another institution. These processes can be a win-win proposition, allowing for increased capacity, services, and efficiencies for students.

Will COVID Cause University Transformation?
Strategic Planning and Management

Will COVID Cause University Transformation? Maybe…

University transformation could be the silver lining of the pandemic. COVID has caused a massive disruption in higher ed, and many question whether it will transform or waste the opportunity.

We’re steadily moving toward the start of the new school year, yet something is off. Normally this time of the year has been marked by excitement—whether that’s because of the return of students, the start of the next phase of life for incoming freshmen, or the sense of camaraderie created by the impending football season

University Regulations and New Stimulus Package
Crisis Management

Washington Update: University Regulations and New Stimulus Package with Tom Netting | Changing Higher Ed 051

University regulations and new stimulus package – what it means for higher ed institutions. Federal policymakers are trying to figure out their next steps in relation to higher education in the wake of the pandemic. In addition, these policymakers are continuing in developing and implementing regulations. TEN Government Strategies CEO Tom Netting, a regular guest on this podcast, provides an update on new regulations that are coming online as well as recent and proposed federal legislation, including the CARES Act, which provides short-term financial and policy guidance.

Creating Higher Ed Efficiencies Through Consortium
Change Management

Creating Higher Ed Efficiencies Through Consortium with Dr. Michael Horowitz | Changing Higher Ed 047

Many higher education institutions are struggling with survival. While many leaders are beginning to consider closing the institution, there are other options available. Some of the most commonly talked about are mergers and acquisitions. However, forming or becoming part of a consortium can offer important support that can help an institution survive and even thrive.

How to Reengineer Higher Education Post-COVID Podcast
Strategic Planning and Management

How to Reengineer Higher Education Post-COVID with Mike Goldstein | Changing Higher Ed 046

How to Reengineer Higher Education Post-COVID with Mike Goldstein and Dr. Drumm McNaughton podcast discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the changes already facing higher education.  These issues include financial, structural, and enrollment. Mike Goldstein, one of the top higher education attorneys in the country, offers his insights on how higher education leaders can navigating these challenges.

University Governance during Crisis
Crisis Management

University Governance During Crisis with Dr. Cathy Trower | Changing Higher Ed 040

University Governance during Crisis Situations with Dr. Cathy Trower and Dr. Drumm McNaughton offers insights into the board’s role during a major crisis, such as the current pandemic. She discusses the importance of a partnership between the president and board chair as well as the communication channels that need to be created in a time of crisis.

How to Implement Effective Shared Governance

How to Implement Effective Shared Governance with Philip Rous | Changing Higher Ed 033

How to Implement Effective Shared Governance with Philip Rous and Dr. Drumm McNaughton on the Changing Higher Ed Podcast. Dr. Philip Rous is provost and senior vice president for academic affairs of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has been at UMBC for 29 years, both as a faculty member and administrator. He tries to facilitate the community as a whole to grow and expand.

Transforming Higher Ed in Turbulent Times
Crisis Management

A Primer for Transforming Higher Ed in Turbulent Times

Transforming Higher Ed in turbulent times may seem impossible, in “normal” times is difficult enough. Preparing for what comes next and strategically managing the transformation will make or break your institution.

Improve Higher Ed Governance

The Changing Face of Higher Ed Part 3: Improve Higher Ed Governance

Improve Higher Ed Governance to move your university or college forward successfully. Higher education continues to be in the hot seat. Institutional leaders are dealing with pressing challenges such as declining enrollments, unreliable federal and state funding, an aging faculty, and public discontent about higher education. In addition, many trends are starting to emerge that will help shape the future of our institutions.

Shared Governance: Honoring Academic Traditions in Rapidly Changing Environments

What is Shared Governance? Honoring Academic Traditions in Changing Environments

How can shared governance continue honoring academic traditions in change management? Let’s look at the different aspects of accomplishing a balance while meeting goals and objectives.

What is Shared Governance?

Fifty years ago, three organizations, the American Association of University Professors’ Committee on College and University Governance, American Council on Education, and Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges collaborated to publish their 1966 Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities which called for shared responsibility among the different components of educational institutions.  Thus, shared governance was born.

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