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Reflections on 2019 and Predictions for 2020 with Drumm McNaughton and Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 030

The Change Leader CEO and President Drumm McNaughton and Aurora University Vice President for Marketing and Communications Deb Maue share their insights during the second annual wrap-up of happenings in higher education. This show notes offers a follow-up on the pair’s predictions for 2019 as well as insights on what to prepare for in 2020.

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Negotiated Rulemaking 2019 with Russ Poulin | Changing Higher Ed 029

Dr. Russ Poulin served on the subcommittee on the recent federal Negotiated Rulemaking (Neg Reg) negotiations where he had the opportunity to provide input on recommendations that were voted on by the full committee. He was recently promoted to be the Executive Director of WCET.

Changing Higher Ed Podcast
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Washington Update with Tom Netting | Changing Higher Ed 025

Federal legislators and policymakers continue to try to work through policy and legislative changes that will have significant impacts on higher education. These include efforts by the U.S. Department of Education to alter rules developed during the Obama Administration. In addition, Congress continues to focus on trying to come up with a workable plan to update the Higher Education Act.

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Is Higher Ed Accreditation Needed or Nuisance?

Is higher ed accreditation needed or is it just a nuisance? The answer depends on how one sees the benefits of higher ed accreditation. In some cases, higher education leaders who see the glass as half-full are using this accreditation process in a positive manner.

The Latest Challenge to Higher Ed Financial Stability - Global Volatility
Business of Higher Ed

The Latest Challenge to Higher Ed Financial Stability – Global Volatility

Higher Ed financial stability and global volatility continue to cause sleepless nights for college and university leadership. Cash-strapped U.S. colleges and universities have been hit with state budget cuts for the last 10 years, and because of this, they been forced to admit a higher number of foreign students.

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