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EMBRACING A NEW MODEL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION GOVERNANCE Part 1: Raising The Bar For College And University Leaders

Embracing a New Model for Higher Education Governance: Part 1

Raising the Bar for College and University Leaders

Our institutions of higher learning must begin embracing a new model for higher education governance and shared governance. As change continually buffets colleges and universities, higher education boards are increasingly finding themselves in the hot seat. Trustees are facing challenges such as the pandemic, the enrollment cliff, declining state funding, and increasing online learning that ultimately will make or break the institution they govern and are responsible for.

University Fundraising during Crisis Situations | Higher Ed Podcast
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University Fundraising During Crisis Situations

with Martin Leifeld | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 042

This podcast explores university fundraising during crisis situations. At the time of this podcast, COVID-19 was the major crisis for higher ed finances. Contrary to what many would think, the current situation could be an important time to visit with donors.

During his 24 years of professional fundraising, Martin Leifeld and his teams raised a staggering $500 million dollars. He served as vice-chancellor of advancement for the University of Missouri-St. Louis for a decade.

Hope Forward: Enabling Free Tuition for College | The Change Leader
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Hope Forward: Enabling Free Tuition for College

with host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and guest Matt Scogin | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 092

Hope College, a Christian college located in Holland, Michigan, is establishing the innovative Hope Forward program, enabling free tuition for college, which will allow students to graduate debt-free. The first pilot cohort of students is enrolling in the school in Fall 2021. The institution is trying to create this model to free itself from being tied to tuition, build a true learning community, and inculcate the values of giving and generosity in students.

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