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Universities- Reasons to be Thankful in 2020 | Drumm McNaughton | Changing Higher Ed | Consulting
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Universities: 7 Reasons to be Thankful in 2020

Universities: 7 Reasons to be Thankful in 2020. The year 2020 has been one for the books. However, we’ve reached Thanksgiving—and that means it is the perfect time to flip the paradigm and focus on the good. This experiment that is known as the United States of America is not perfect; however, our nation is growing and every citizen shares the common goal of seeing our nation prosper (even though we may not agree on how to achieve that mark). So in honor of Thanksgiving, we want to suggest 7 different reasons (in no particular order) why we’re thankful for this year.

Creating Higher Ed Efficiencies Through Consortium
Change Management

Creating Higher Ed Efficiencies Through Consortium with Dr. Michael Horowitz | Changing Higher Ed 047

Many higher education institutions are struggling with survival. While many leaders are beginning to consider closing the institution, there are other options available. Some of the most commonly talked about are mergers and acquisitions. However, forming or becoming part of a consortium can offer important support that can help an institution survive and even thrive.

Innovating Higher Ed
Change Management

Innovating Higher Ed: Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

In this post, Innovating Higher Ed: Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, you’ll gain insights into ways the coronavirus is forcing higher education institutions to change in uncomfortable ways. But like any holistic change, this situation also is offering unintended consequences, both positive developments (blessings) and troubling realizations (curses).

Marketing | Positioning | Branding

Reflections on 2019 and Predictions for 2020 with Drumm McNaughton and Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 030

The Change Leader CEO and President Drumm McNaughton and Aurora University Vice President for Marketing and Communications Deb Maue share their insights during the second annual wrap-up of happenings in higher education. This show notes offers a follow-up on the pair’s predictions for 2019 as well as insights on what to prepare for in 2020.

TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings | Changing Higher Ed 028
Christian Higher Ed

TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings | Changing Higher Ed 028

The TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings – Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, an accreditation body for Christian institutions of higher education, works with approximately 100 institutions.

Leadership Accountability in Higher Ed | Drumm McNaughton | Higher Ed Consultant
Leadership and Culture

Leadership Accountability in Higher Ed

Let’s take a deep look at leadership accountability in higher ed and what you can do to improve your institution’s leadership.

Student Leadership Development Programs
Leadership and Culture

The Story of Texas A&M’s Student Leadership Development Programs – People Support What They Help Create

Student Leadership Development Programs – Higher education leaders often talk about creating the next generation of leaders.  Many current efforts at colleges and universities are focused on flipped classrooms and leadership seminars. But how do we give young adults firsthand experience (instead of theoretical knowledge) of the skills and abilities needed for becoming leaders in their future organizations, communities, and globally?

University Leadership – What Does It Take?
Leadership and Culture

University Leadership – What Does It Take?

University leadership must be supermen or superwomen – the skills, knowledge, and experience required to be an effective leader of a higher education institution are unlike that of nearly any other profession.

Capacity Building & Leadership Coaching

We offer consulting services to build leadership capacity for Higher Ed institutions through leadership coaching and capacity building techniques for colleges and universities. The Change Leader offers leadership development and coaching services to boards, presidents, chancellors, CEOs, provosts, deans, and managers through seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching as an integral part of our holistic approach to change.

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Our Higher Ed Consultant Team at The Change Leader has well over 20 years of Higher Education Expertise in Changing Higher Ed.

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