Reflections on 2019 and Predictions for 2020<br><br><span style='font-size:16px; text-transform:capitalize'>with Drumm McNaughton and Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 030</span>

Predictions for 2020

Join us in reflecting on 2019 and our predictions for 2020. The Change Leader CEO and President Drumm McNaughton and Aurora University Vice President for Marketing and Communications Deb Maue share their insights during the second annual wrap-up of happenings in higher education. These show notes offer a follow-up on the pair’s predictions for 2019 as well as insights on what to prepare for with our predictions for 2020.

Negotiated Rulemaking 2019 — Washington Update<br><br><span style='font-size:16px; text-transform:capitalize'>with Host Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Guest Russ Poulin | Changing Higher Ed Podcast 029</span>


Negotiated Rulemaking 2019 podcast with Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Dr. Russ Poulin. Dr. Poulin served on the subcommittee on the recent federal Negotiated Rulemaking (Neg Reg) negotiations where he had the opportunity to provide input on recommendations that were voted on by the full committee. He was recently promoted to be the Executive Director of WCET.

Strategic Risk Planning to Chart Higher Ed’s Course in Turbulent Times

Strategic Risk Planning to Chart Higher Ed

Using strategic risk planning to chart your course in turbulent times for higher education institutions needs to be approached differently than just using the traditional tools. As you read in last month’s blog and newsletter, higher ed is in a maturing and/or declining market; the indicators include enrollment is down across nearly all segments, driven […]